Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Fulcher Edwards - Making it Easier for the Home Owner

When we go to clients homes to provide quotations for work, we often find that customers still don't know the true meaning of a Part P registered electrician. Many believe that Part P is a qualification when it is in fact a building regulation.

It is well known that our potential clients remain 'in the dark' when it comes to understanding and selecting the right electrician to come and carry out work in their homes.

Hopefully this soon will be a thing of the past as an exciting development has taken place just yesterday 19th November 2012 which sees the introduction of a new electricians register. Its called the Electrical Safety Register which sees the best electricians registered with either the NICEIC, ECA or ELECSA going onto it.

Fulcher Edwards is really excited to be part of this fantastic register which is a first of its kind bringing together top electrical industry professionals and the consumers voice the Electrical Safety Council (ESC) who have long campaigned for better public knowledge on electrical safety in the UK.

Now consumers who are seeking the best London electricians know where to go in order to find us - we have always been registered with the NICEIC and have been putting our clients at the heart of everything we do since 1981 and the formation of the Electrical Safety Register is finally an easy way for our clients to distinguish who they should be using - and essentially who they shouldn't be using!

Fulcher Edwards are here for all our clients every step of the way. We don't just take care of your home electrical needs, we can also help with all aspects of commerical and industrial electrical needs - we have built our reputation on hard work, dedication and professionalism. It will pay you to use the best London electricians on all aspects of your London business electrical needs as well as your home needs.

Additionally, we are also holders of the coveted Trustmark. This is another essential indicator to look out for when selecting a London electrician for your next electrical project. Holders of the Trustmark logo have been assessed as meeting the strict government standards for electrical installations.

To find out more about the new Electrical Safety Register click here

We are very excited about the new register and look forward to increased consumer knowledge as its use is promoted all over the UK.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dull November Brings the Blast.....

We're hoping its not of the electrical variety though, only of the seasonal type.....

In our last blog we told you a mild Halloween 'horror' story and left you with the chilling thoughts of what our electricians in London might get up to this Halloween....

Well, true to form, we did get those calls to those 'little houses of horrors' and it may come of little surprise to learn that 25% of jobs electricians are called to are to rectify mistakes that householders have made when attempting to carry out work on their home electrics.

The recent survey carried out by the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) revealed some worrying finds within households with one tradesman commenting that they'd seen some real deathtraps!

A third of survey respondents said they'd seen fire damage caused by incorrect electrical work carried out in the home and 92% of electricians surveyed said they had come across a complete loss of power as a result of dangerous DIY work.

Of course the DIY scenario is with us all year round and not just at Halloween.

So what advice should you be getting from a well established London electrician?

We say don't attempt to carry out electrical work yourself in the home - it may look easy - however please bear in mind that electricity does kill at least 1 person every week and injures 1000's every week. Please don't put yourself, your family and your home at risk. Calling in a Part P qualified London electrician will ensure the job is done safely leaving you with peace of mind as well as a certiciate to certify the electrical works carried out. This is an essential requirement should you wish to buy or let your home.

Furthermore, don't be tempted to do your own electrical work to save money. Many of the jobs we're called to at Fulcher Edwards is indeed to rectify a DIY attemption. Ultimately it costs the householder more to repair damage created by a DIY job than it would have cost by calling us in the first place. We fully appreciate that every penny counts but spending a little on your home electrics is a very worthwhile investment that will ensure the safety of your and your family.

Our advice is to obtain 3 quotes from electricians before proceeding with the work and always check your electrcian is registered with an organisation such as the NICEIC.