Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Will Sparks Fly in your Home this Halloween?

In just over a week it will be Halloween! Yes really – where on earth has the year gone? It doesn't seem so long ago we were discussing sun cream and BBQ's in the office! Now Halloween is a particularly spooky time of year and the celebration is either something you like or hate (a bit like Marmite!)

Whether you are the type to turn the lights off and hide or embrace the celebration by turning off the lights and lighting up carved out pumpkins, Halloween should be a little fun perhaps with just a touch of jumpiness added!

Hidden surprises

Halloween is also a good time of year to touch upon the hidden dangers of unsafe electrical appliances. You see, rather like Halloween, the element of surprise can make you a little jumpy. However unsafe electrical appliances are very much reality and can cause serious electrical injury or even death – that's quite a sobering thought even by Halloween standards.

The UK's leading electrical safety charity, Electrical Safety First has teamed up with digital agency Code Computerlove who have created a Halloween themed spooky game that highlights the problems that unsafe electrical appliances can create. Complete with spooky music, this is a great game to play which gives you just 30 seconds to find all the electrical dangers in the room.

Is there a killer lurking in your home?

In true Halloween style, the aim of the game is to find the killer in your home before it finds you! From old electrical appliances to electrical items under product recall, this game highlights how an innocent looking kettle could lead to electrical injury or electrical fire if it was being used whilst under a product recall.

With product recalls having on average a 20% success rate, this leaves an awful lot of potentially fatal appliances still in use in peoples homes. Items under product recall can bite back when least expected – not only can the appliance develop serious faults, the results can often cause expensive damage to your home electrics. As electricians in South East London we have unfortunately been to many jobs where fault appliances have caused damage to wiring inside walls not to mention irrepairable damage to sockets, wall paper, and the like.

Many people do not know their product was under a product recall, however there are people who are aware and continue to use the product due to the inconvenience of exchanging it. Never take the risk with an electrical appliance under product recall. It is not worth the danger to you, your loved ones and your home.

What should you do to avoid the lurking killer in your home?

It is a good idea to check that none of your electrical appliances are under product recall. This can be done easily by checking the product recall section on the Electrical Safety First website. All types of products can be affected regardless of price or brand.

Beware of using old electrical items that may not be electrically safe or electrical appliances which have bare wires coming from the plug. Both of these products should not be used.

Should an electrical appliance develop a fault or you suspect it is malfunctioning, unplug it immediately and do not use it. It is all too easy to take a chance on an electrical item but not worth the risk to your life or risk a serious injury.

Have fun this Halloween but don't forget to check your electrical appliances first to avoid any 'real' bumps in the night. :)

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