Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A Shocking Tale of Bad Electrics

Last week one of our electricians went to visit a property where the owner had reported buzzing coming from some sockets. When we arrived at the property we found a number of potentially dangerous uses of electricity.

The property had not had any electrical work carried out recently, but was in dire need of attention! We have taken some photos so you can see for yourself what kind of problems we saw. If you have any of this going on in your home, you need to contact your local qualified and registered electrician.

As electricians in South London, we do see each of these scenarios on a regular basis in peoples homes, but in this one flat, there were a lot of dangerous electrics!

The Gallery of crack fizzle and pop!

The 2 wires in one cooker socket!

This is a no no! Here the house holder wired in a double socket which was being fed from the cooker socket. The double socket was being used for a kettle.

Daisy chaining

There was multiple use of daisy chaining throughout the flat – this is where extension leads are plugged into extension leads. In the living room, 2 extension leads were in use and in a bedroom, an extension lead was being fed from a plug adapter which was sat next to a bed!

Loose socket on the wall

In the hallway, there was a loose double socket fitted incorrectly which was used for jobs such as hoovering and charging a motorbike battery via extension cable!

Heater in bathroom

An electric heater was located in the bathroom underneath the wash hand basin. This is of course very dangerous as water could easily get into the heater causing electrical shock or injury.

No smoke alarms

The flat also had inadequate smoke alarm protection. A couple of battery fire alarms had recently been purchased but unfortunately had only been fixed to the ceiling with double sided sticky tape so after a week or so they had fallen from the ceiling and were now being 'stored' in the living room amongst paperwork.

In addition, some of the extension leads being used were of an old variety consisting of metal sockets in a row. This type of extension lead is not recommended and should be upgraded to a new bar extension lead.

What to do if you have something similar

Dangerous electrics can cause electrical shock, injury or worse. They are also a huge fire risk. If you find yourself over reliant on extension leads, it makes sense to ask an electrician to fit some extra sockets where they're most needed. It is important to not daisy chain extension leads as this overloads the socket which is feeding them which could lead to house fire or electrical damage.

Never use electrical sockets that are loose or damaged. You never know when they could cause a nasty electrical injury.

Never have any form of electric heating in a bathroom near to sources of water this is very dangerous and an electrical accident could easily occur.

Most of the bad electric situations above can be easily rectified by the house holder making small changes. It is important to use electricity wisely and never take risk or chances.

Always make sure that the electrician you use is both qualified to do the job and registered before you begin.

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