Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Blade Danger Warning issued on Kenwood Mixer

It feels very Autumnal here at Fulcher Edwards this morning. If you feel like any of us do here in the office, you might be starting to think about cooking up some good old 'comfort food' for dinner tonight. Inevitably that means slow cookers, blenders, slicers and the like making an appearance. Before you start switching them on though, it is worth checking that they're still safe to use.

Stay safe when using electrical products

If you haven't used your electrical items in a while – perhaps they've been stored away in a cupboard over the last few months – then it is worth checking that there is no electrical damage before plugging them in. Is is easy to accidentally damage cable by storing items against it for example. Check the cable for damage and to ensure to bare wires are visible as this could cause electrical shock and injury if you were to use the item.

The plug should also be firmly attached with no damage visible. If you can see the inside of the plug or there are cracks on the casing then again, this is an electrical safety danger and you should not use the product unless it is repaired.

Should I repair or replace damaged items?

As electricians in South East London, we often see risks being taken with electrical appliances. This is often because of accidental misuse such as the overloading of extension leads or makeshift repairs on cables using PVC tape. Both of these can cause problems with the item. If other damage is found, never take a risk by using it, if the electrical item is of low value, it will be cheaper to replace it – however if your item is high value, then it will be worth getting it repaired. Electrical items should only be repaired by authorised repair personnel or a qualified and registered electrician.

Electrical items are less likely to go wrong if you have them serviced and keep them clean and free of dust. Using them in accordance with manufacturers instructions ensures the products are being used for their intended purpose.

Owners of Kenwood blenders beware!

If you have a Kenwood Blend-X Pro BLM80 then you need to take action as Kenwood have voluntarily recalled this model due to the risk of the blades breaking when the product is in use. Not only could this cause a nasty laceration injury or even risk of the broken blade being ingested, it could also put the user in electrical danger too.

If you think you are affected, you need to visit a safety notice web-page http://www.blendxproblm800safetynotice.com/ set up by Kenwood to identify if your blender is affected and needs corrective action.

Items under a possible recall should not be used until they have been checked by by the manufacturer.

Other problems with electrical appliances

If you have electrical items that stop working for no reason and you are using them safely, it may be worth having an electrical safety inspection carried out in your home. This is known as an EICR and will identify any problems that are present in your home electrical system. We carried out an EICR for a customer last week when his hoover stopped working. It was found that there was unsafe wiring in the hallway where the hoover had been plugged in. Without an EICR, this problem would have got worse and more costly to repair.

It is never worth chancing with electricity – it rarely pays off! :)

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